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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Problem is Gun Laws--ALL Gun Laws

I am frankly fed up with all of this back-and-forth drivel.

The obvious problem is gun laws. ALL gun laws.

There was a time when everyone could (and many did) carry arms — everywhere and most of the time. THAT is the proper state of affairs.

Not only "teachers", but janitors, receptionists, counsellors, and anyone on the school premises (except young children) should be free to go armed. Period. Just like they should be free to go armed in theaters, on planes, on ships, or ANYWHERE.

Some teachers might wish to carry a handgun, others might not. But some decent human beings in every school would be armed, and that's sufficient to:

a) Deter armed scumbags from going after what they believe to be a "soft" target. —and—

b) Provide a near certainty that any armed lunatic who did make the attempt to murder people in a school would be shot dead either before accomplishing his objective, or at least before completing all of the murders that he had in mind.

Anyone who argues at all with anti-gunners is a well-intentioned but misguided person. Those socialist/liberal creatures DO NOT WANT TO SEE GUNS IN PEOPLE'S HANDS. That's it. They do not care about logic, reason, or facts. Their motive is NOT fighting crime, making the cities safe, or persons being able to defend themselves. THEY WANT PEOPLE CONTROLLED.

When Larry Pratt was "interviewed" by Piers Morgan he absolutely stood out with facts and patient, well-articulated argument. The result? Morgan once again demonstrated what a rude, arrogant, self-important ass he is by attempting not only to shout down Mr. Pratt, but also to insult him. This is the tactic of socialistically-inclined power-mongers and their servants.

DO NOT ARGUE WITH ANTI-GUNNERS (or with socialists of  any ilk).

Piers Morgan will never be deported (as the well-intenioned, and understandably outraged people who signed a petition to have him tossed out of our Country would like to see happen). Why not? Because he touts the party line. This (i.e. Morgan) is precisely what the mainstream wants, feeds on, finances, and encourages.

I cannot help but wonder what is wrong with all of those who, properly, believe in private citizens being armed? Can't they understand that those who do not want private citizens armed simply do not want them armed. They don't care about lower crime rates where citizens are armed; about lives saved because of private citizens being armed; about the incredible almost non-existent violent crime record of armed citizens . . . etc. Nor do they even hear it when people — rightly — speak of how tyrannies demand  a disarmed populace, because you cannot enslave armed citizens.

Just the fact that these power-lusters ignore, distort, pillory, and decry the Second Constitutional Amendment should send the message loud and clear that they are the ENEMIES OF LIBERTY. But, the message just isn't understood, apparently.

C A N ' T   Y O U   G E T   I T   Y E T????????????????????????

--Prof. Brad Steiner
President, International Combat Martial Arts Federation

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