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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Inadequate Gun Training/Inadequate Ammo

Just a thought...For the last 10 years the percentage of misses by NYPD officers was 78%..If the supposedly highly trained NYPD officers seem to miss so often imagine what the percentage of misses an ordinary citizen who must use a handgun in self defense makes...Under the stress of an attack a person may need more than 7 shots to deal with one or more assailants...So the police carry 15 round magazines in their Glock 19s and they need it...Why must a citizen be obliged to be under armed while the police are not..Remember when seconds count the police are only minutes or in the case of mass shootings tens of minutes away...

By the way the number of hits include animal shootings and police suicides which are nearly 100%  So the actual hit ratio is closer to 15%....Just sayin

Obviously the police need a lot more training as do civilians...Now in New York State you have a ceiling on how much ammo you may purchase...This leads to less practice and training for civilians...
Most police departments are sorely lacking in adequate training as is most of our military...Imagine if the NYPD could only have 7 rounds in their weapons? Maybe Dialo would have only been hit twice since the officers all emptied their glocks in a matter of seconds...If they only had 7 rounds maybe the enough rounds would have missed him and he would have lived...So perhaps it may be good to go back to revolvers and keep the bad guys safer and the sad accidents from going too far...A few more dead cops is a small price to pay for gun restrictions...SIX for SURE could be the new police motto...Sound good?...It would give them the idea that in some shady way they could pull of their insidious agenda and look like they are looking out for the police...Six for Sure..JPerkins

Teaching Our Soldiers to Die (But Increase Recruitment)

 Many thanks for sending this...It is eye opening...It is worse than I thought...Sad to me...Hope they never have to fight a real antagonist with a knife close up...Pray for abundant ammo...Pray the enemy never gets close...But like they said...The Army wants to have a way to deal with the enemy less than lethally so I guess that it's OK to put our men in harm's way just a little more for the sake of PC...Scary that the women think this will help them for real...It is near suicide to wrestle with someone with your rifle in close proximity...But what do the old warriors who have really done it know?....I have to stop now....This is better but sad to say it still doesn't cut it...Even the police have to gang up on one person at a time in basic arrests where the suspect is resisting...What do they think an enemy combatant will do?

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Someone gets it...This says it all

Opening night last night at GC Headquarters in Elmsford

Opening night last night at GC Headquarters in Elmsford was awesome! What a tremendous feeling to have all our equipment and implements of destruction right there and blast from one exercise to another non-stop! Come on down and take advantage of the 1/2 price Grand Opening specials. We have classes 7 days a week! Tonight (Tuesday) we have 3 classes back to back: Combat Conditioning at 6 followed by Groundfighting at 7 and GC Flow and Principles at 8. See new Classes Page:

Monday, January 28, 2013

You're On Your Own...

City says cops had no duty to protect subway hero who subdued killer

Number one...Forget the adage that when seconds count the police are only minutes away...Here the police were right there at the scene and did nothing until it was over and took credit for taking down the bad guy when it was the victim who took down the bad guy...Number two...Having better awareness and fighting technique could have saved the victim from some if not all of his wounds....Not to mention possible cowardice on the part of the officers present...By the officer's own account in court he did not get involved because he was afraid that the man who was actively stabbing the victim might have had a gun.......Simply Amazing...JP

Friday, January 04, 2013

The Theater Shooting story you DIDN'T hear about...and WHY

The Theater Shooting story you DIDN'T hear about...and WHY:

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

What Does It Take to Become a Master?

Dr. Anders Ericsson states that it takes at least 10 years and or 10,000 hours to become an expert/genius in any field of endeavor...More to become world class...

GC is based on the premise that we all have been practicing subtle movement as well as fast, haphazard, strong, sudden, balanced, concentrated movement all our lives just in order to live...All GC movement is is just general movement with some additional applications....The basic principles are not all that hard to develop...It surely does not take 10 years to become an expert...As far as world class is concerned only testing with pre- set rules can be used to measure a person's comparative ability...Some are born with enough talent to become world class in far shorter time...Since GC is formless by definition then it is beyond the parameters of Dr. Ericsson's postulation...Maybe I discovered/developed a training methodology that is superior to any other....LOL...

Can any of you help me understand this better...I read the book OUTLIERS based on his theory and found it not to fit GC...If you have read it and can prove to me that it is simply a matter of practice for 10,000 hours to become a master then I would enjoy the enlightenment..I have proven many times that it takes far less for some to become incredible just by tapping into their natural ability to move without conscious thought....OUTLIERS also states that it is just practice and a 120 IQ that is necessary to be a genius at anything...I guess anyone can be an Einstein with simple practice for 10 years....LOL