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Saturday, December 29, 2012

NY Newspaper Publishes List of CCP holders

Not sure if this is illegal...Many states have banned giving this info out...This was given to our newspaper for publication in 2000...Then supposedly taken down but too late...If someone can get this info through freedom of information act then why not get everyone's car registration information? How about everyone's driving record information? How about just the driver's licenses of folks just cause you may feel like it?....One reason I hate "radical" leftist or fascists…No use for radicals of any sort...Not talking about folks worried about the global warming but why not get the information on what cars folks are driving and if they don't get over 34 mpg maybe they should get put on the internet....How about folks who don't vaccinate their kids...Some folks don't want unvaccinated kids around theirs....etc...Nuts....Scumbags of all kinds don't get the punishment they deserve so there are no consequences when privacy rights are involved...I just had to fill out a new required form at my doctor's office which eventually goes to the government so that they can coordinate my records for me...How helpful of them...asked my mother's maiden name and other information that I never had to fill out for any doctors before...Have no idea what that meant...Only the beginning...1984 late but making it's arrival...Imagine if you or one of your family members needed something to calm their nerves and this becomes public information?...Not too good for getting a job...Or getting a gun...Or maybe they shouldn't be able to drive...Just getting started...
--J Perkins


  1. Above all I think the bottom line is people need to be informed that they have an "inalienable right" to defend their lives and that of their families. Be it with a gun or otherwise. Period!

    And I might add that no government can neither grant nor take away those rights because it is not in the government's power to do so in the first place.

    This is the lie about what our Constitutional rights mean and where they are derived from that the fascists in our schools and universities as well as political leaders have spread.

    These rights are derived from God, natural law or whatever you choose to believe but definitely not from the government.

    The Second Amendment as with the rest of the bill of rights does not grant per se the right to bear arms but "affirms” rights we already have at birth as outlined in the Declaration of Independence. Regardless of what our government or any government says we as human beings were already born with these inalienable rights even before the US Constitution existed and if the government collapses tomorrow we will still have these rights.

    I also might add that contrary to current belief it is the government that derives its power with the consent of the governed via the states and "NOT" the other way around!

    The federal government has no right meddling in such affairs of states but should serve as the honest broker to uphold our Constitutional rights via the Supreme Court when states over step their bounds, by enacting laws which violate the agreed upon constitution that they all ratified or the spirit of the Constitution such as insane gun laws like Illinois and DC.

    The only misinterpretation of this is by the fascists who wish to control us. There is no other way you can interpret their actions.

    It's only because we have such a dumbed down population, which is a whole different discussion,that such fascist notions even gain audience.

    A great quote I once heard sums this up,

    "Free men own weapons, slaves are granted permission to have them..."

    I say,

    "Let him who hath no sword let him sell his garment and buy one..." Luke 22: 36-37 KJV
    --LtCol Al

  2. Though I understand that this was done in a mean spirited attempt to out and at least socially criminalize legal gun owners, the real victims are all the people who live near them who "don't own guns".

    George Habash, (a.k.a. al-Hakim) the former Palestinian terrorist use to have a saying when asked, why do they bomb buses and restaurants and not military targets?

    Answer: "Why hunt wolves when there are plenty of sheep to be had..."

    If I were everyone else in Westchester and Rockland I would be pissed!!!

    Thank you Journal News for telling all of the home invasion rapist, psycho-sexual predators, child rapist, torturers, burglars and murderers where and who to attack and whom to avoid (I.e., gun owners).

    As for me all I know is the bad guys better be prepared for the afterlife... ; )
    --LtCol Al

  3. I would just like to add...Don't take away my mother's gun...She brandished it once at some bad guys who were up to no good one morning when she was mopping the hallway of the building she lived in...One of these bad guys later cut, raped and killed a woman down the street and raped and stabbed her daughter...Pretty sure but not 100 % positive it was the same culprit/s but at least she was safe with just a 25 cal. Beretta Jetfire...JPerkins