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Thursday, November 17, 2011

One-arm Contact Flow Training

The importance of one-arm Contact Flow training: you should develop the ability to attack and defend with one arm to the extent that you can deal with both of your opponent's arms with one arm. In motion he thinks he's in contact with both of yours when in reality you've got a spare. This training affords so many points of sensitive contact (elbow, hand, forearm, bicep, triceps, shoulder, etc.) that eventually when you mix it all together the opponent will feel like he's fighting an octopus with sledge hammers

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Doing Contact Flow right: we get a lot of questions from remote students about correct CF practice, revealing self-defeating approaches. Some simple tips:

1-Go slow. You both need to creatively discover positional, directional, energetic and balance-related subtleties. Speeding up creates panic, cheating and ego issues.

2-Use the same amount of force. Your defense and offense must develop independent of strength--useful against monsters.

3-Stay close. All real mayhem occurs nose-to-nose. If you have enough room to spar you should have run in the first place. Questions?