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Monday, February 11, 2008

My Lessons With the Masters #35

Had a great private lesson with Al this weekend. Afterwards, Al had a private lesson with Kevin. Because Al wanted to teach Kevin some multiple attacker stuff, I got to join in as attacker #2 and pick up some important tips.

From my lesson with Al:

--Maximize fluidity, in order to:

1) Make hitting continuous, no breaks or pauses or pulling back--advance in ONE MOVEMENT with all hits in it
2) Hide the hitting and movement--no apparent weapon until the moment of impact

--NO wind-up nor follow-through--hit through an inch and then return with the next hit

--Glide along the body while hitting such that you're always in "contact" with his intent

--Send your hitting arm through the same line as your contact arm (as in Stacking the Spears or hitting right over or under a Drac) to hide the motion and thread through the opening.

--Anticipate that he'll negate your initial hit--hence, it doesn't matter when he does!

Then with Kevin, multiple attackers:

--Stop motion with loose, heavy hits to anywhere and low drop kicks

--Dig fingers in and lift under jaw/windpipe to manipulate head in any direction you want (after hitting of course)--crack the coconuts (crash heads into other heads)!

--Drop hit (not push!) one guy into the other and immediately follow through with hit to the other

--Hit to unbalance then drop hit to send

--Ride the Lightning around them so that you're always hitting and penetrating--ALWAYS be hitting, first!

--Load your spring on one guy to hit the other guy--bounce a hit off one guy into the other guy