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Sunday, February 11, 2007

"MY LESSONS WITH THE MASTERS..." Ari Kandel's personal training blog. #16

First Master Class...
Last Sunday morning, John taught the first of what will be a bimonthly series of "master classes," open to Guided Chaos 2nd degree black belts and above.

It gave all who attended the unique opportunity to work with a variety of people without ever having to fall back into "teaching mode." Everyone was able to work on what they had to work on for themselves with skilled training partners, never worrying about the possibility of bruised egos or what their training partners could handle.

John began with an introductory explanation and demonstration of the goal of the class: to get everyone on their way to being able to apply pure Guided Chaos like John does, having complete control over balance and generating colossal power with absolutely no stylization or preconceived motion. He then assigned us to practice a couple interesting variations on contact flow that necessitated the exploration of certain kinds of motion.

As we worked, John went around and gave each person important tips for improvement. He showed me how aspects of my training partner's build could put me at a disadvantage, and how I could negate that disadvantage by keeping my training partner consistently off-balance through deeper stepping. In turn, he showed my training partner how moving in a more "engulfing" manner could help him negate my natural advantages over him. Very insightful stuff!

Definitely looking forward to future sessions! All you 1st degree black belts out there: Kick yourself in the ass and get training so that you can someday soon attend these sessions!!!

Next time, more tips from Tim and Lt. Col. Al. . . . Stay tuned!!!

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  1. Ari,

    What were the flow variations? Please be specific.