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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Teaching Our Soldiers to Die (But Increase Recruitment)

 Many thanks for sending this...It is eye opening...It is worse than I thought...Sad to me...Hope they never have to fight a real antagonist with a knife close up...Pray for abundant ammo...Pray the enemy never gets close...But like they said...The Army wants to have a way to deal with the enemy less than lethally so I guess that it's OK to put our men in harm's way just a little more for the sake of PC...Scary that the women think this will help them for real...It is near suicide to wrestle with someone with your rifle in close proximity...But what do the old warriors who have really done it know?....I have to stop now....This is better but sad to say it still doesn't cut it...Even the police have to gang up on one person at a time in basic arrests where the suspect is resisting...What do they think an enemy combatant will do?

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  1. It's a recruiting tool. You think they give a F$#%! about individuals???
    It's all about numbers.

    All the elite level operators go on their own to wing Chung & Philippine knife fighting arts. I know this for a fact.

    They will train escapes from grappling but that's about it.

    You will NEVER change this now with the popularity of the UFC.

    Kids go for this. They are naive.