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Monday, July 02, 2012

Unavailable Yet Unavoidable

It seems that there is some misunderstanding of what I mean by Unavailable yet Unavoidable....Some folks think it is the same as the Tai Chi Chuan principle of simply absorbing or letting energy pass and then returning...This means when a person either pushes, pulls or strikes the Tai Chi Chuan practitioner allows the other person to pass and then return...This is done while not loosing connection with the opponent...In Guided Chaos the idea of being unavailable yet unavoidable is somewhat different...In GC we feel the movement or intention of the attacker and move in such a way as to immediately absorb and return simultaneously...This is accomplished by absorbing and moving slightly off line as you either strike, push or pulse the attacker either causing him/her to be injured or loose balance or both simultaneously...There is no feeling of waiting for the completion of any movement from the attacker...Return and absorption are simultaneous...The advantage to this is when dealing with multiple attackers there is no time to simply absorb and return because the attack may come from many angle at once...You can only keep your balance on one angle at a time for a hundredth of a second at a time...So you must learn to strike or pulse from various angles all at the same time while moving from one point of balance to another at the speed of lightning so to speak...There is often no time for rooted adjustment but more of a "falling" into each split second position as you use the energy of falling and the simultaneous plyometric energy transfer with each return or avoidance... In other words you learn to create your stance and multiple strikes as you go in response to any movement from any angle at the same time or you move from a "causal" point...This means you move before the attacker moves using intuition or set up the circumstances for the attacker to "mismove"....Then you return with whatever response is necessary for your goal weather to strike, unbalance or both at the same time in various directions if needed...This is where I work with more than one opponent and move them in various directions both away from me or into each other while simultaneously striking them as the dynamic attack/defense occurs....Remember your return can and often may be an unrooted strike because you may not have time to find a root all the time so a strike to vulnerable targets like eyes, groin, throat etc may be necessary as well as "rooted" strikes, pushes etc...JP Send me your comments or questions...(It's all fun and games till someone looses and eye LOL).....Thanks, John Perkins

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