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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Balance Secrets Revealed...

A "eureka!" moment and subsequent musings born from recent semi-private sessions and advanced classes with John:

John showed how in multiple-attacker situations, he's able to "easily" (i.e. without significant muscular effort) move his body and the attackers' bodies such that the attackers get in each others' way and even hurt each other. The "aha!" moment for me was when he had me put my hand in between his hand and the body he was pushing. There was actually very little pressure! Certainly not enough to "push someone off-balance" in the conventional sense. John uses his sensitivity and body unity to position himself to push/pulse at just the right angle and location to control the bad guy's balance with very little actual pressure. As John explains, a person in motion can be on balance only at one particular point/angle at any given moment. John feels where this is and takes control of the person's balance from a different point/angle that requires very little pressure because some component of the person's balance is moving that way or close to it already. Here's the catch: If you're the person being pushed, it FEELS like John must be pushing very hard, with overwhelming force, because you can't catch your balance. That has been misleading me in my training up to this point. I always assumed that because it FELT like John was applying overwhelming force to take my balance, that must have been what was happening. I knew he wasn't applying brute muscular force, but I thought his body unity and alignment enabled him to push extremely hard to take my balance.

The reality, however, is something very different. Check out the next Guided Chaos Newsletter to find out how John is able to hit people anywhere at will with demolishing force and minimal energy...

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